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Chun Fen De Yi Lou

Built in later Qing Dynasty, this is one of the tea houses with the longest history and the best reputation in Shanghai.


De He Teahouse

The capacious De He Teahouse will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Besides the tea you asked, it also provides a buffet dinner of various snacks and fruits.

The Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse

This is the oldest teahouse in Shanghai. Being linked to the lakeshore by the Jiuqu Bridge, the Mid-Lake Pavilion was originally built in 1784 in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). It has become a teahouse in 1855. Here you can have high-class tea and delicious snacks such as preserved plums and small glutinous rice dumplings. And you can enjoy the excellent music played by traditional Chinese musical instruments.

Qiu Ping Tea Restaurant

With a history of 11 years, it is the first tea restaurant in China. The decorations are of the Ming and Qing styles. All kinds of tea and tea pots are displayed, also with Chinese painting and calligraphy, porcelain, antique, stones of fantastic shapes.

Song Fang Masion

Song Fang Maison de The specializes in the finest quality Chinese and French teas for sale and to savor on the premises.It was created in Shanghai in 2007 by Florence Samson, a Paris native and a Shanghai resident for more than 10 years. Her Chinese name is Song Fang (Song means the Song dynasty and Fang means fragrant and of good reputation).

Tai He Tea House

The construction of the tea house is very unique. There is small bridge and stream. The hall on the second floor is like rooms of big family in the south of the Yangtze River in old times. There are several small rooms very convenient for business meetings.

Tang Yun Tea House

Tang Yun Tea house is a 2-storey ancient Chinese-style building with hanging big red lanterns. At the ground floor there are 7 compartments with a quiet and plain ambience decorated by various tea sets. At the 2 nd floor, it is divided into two high-low spaces by fern leaf hedge bamboo. The outer space is bright and wide and the inner space is elegant and quiet. This tea house offers traditional teas and other artistic teas as well.