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In order to submit an Abstract for the MEMS 2016 Conference, you must first complete the Abstract Submission Form by clicking "New Reference Number". Once completed, you will receive your four-digit Abstract Reference Number. You must indicate this number in the upper right hand corner of your abstract. This Abstract Reference Number will be used as your ID Number throughout the review process. Also, your Abstract Reference Number and the Family/Last Name of your Primary Contact will be necessary if you wish to change your previously submitted information or withdraw your abstract. The ability to obtain an Abstract Reference Number and submit your abstract will close on Tuesday, 8 September 2015 at 23:59 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA time.

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New Abstract Reference Number
Obtain a new Abstract Reference Number by submitting your contact information, title of abstract and listing all authors.

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To access the functions below, enter the four-digit Abstract Reference Number and the Last/Family Name of the Primary Contact (case sensitive), then choose the button corresponding to your desired action.

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Modify/Correct Abstract Reference Information
View/Modify/Correct previously submitted abstract information ONLY.
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Submit your PDF file for uploading.
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Submit your revised PDF file for uploading.
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Cancel your abstract submission.