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Suzhou MEMSTools Semiconductor Technology Co.,Ltd
Room 506, A7 Building, 218 Xinghua Str.,
Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China
phone: +86-0512-62995316

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Established in 2012,Suzhou Memstools Semiconductor Technology Co.LTD is a supplier which concentrates on manufacturing advanced semiconductor and MEMS equipment.As Memstools’ major products,Wafer bonder, Photoresist spray coater and Plasma etching machine mainly used in advanced packaging, MEMS, LED, 3D Interconnection technology, Nanotechnology and so on. There are also some small semiconductor processing equipment, such as the programmable hot plate, etc. In 2012, Memstools got some orders when the product marketed, and has been highly valued by the large number of users and favor.
Memstools developed Chinese first commercial Wafer Bonding equipment which is used in wafer level Packaging.In response to requirements of users on the market, Memstools make efforts to get a lot of process technology research. At he same time, our senior R&D stuff did a ton of work on low-temperature wafer bonding technology. The researches which greatly lower the temperatures when Metal diffusion bonding have reached the leading level in he world.