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Laserwort is leading supplier of semiconducting equipment and chemicals supplier in HK and China. Our key technical specialties are Front end Etching and Deposition Processes. In this area, we represent SPTS, Modutek and Expertech , providing customers with technical and service support and consultation for Plasma etching, Release etching and Wet Etching and Cleaning as well as Physical , Chemical Vapor Deposition and Furnace process. In Photolithographic process, we represent OAI Mask Aligner , Kloe Maskless Lithographic systems and AML In-situ Wafer Bonder. On top of these product lines , we also support customers with DNS film thickness measurement systems, Modutek Megasonic and IPA system, R2D Wafer Transfer and Handling System, cleaning chemicals as well as miscellaneous parts as Albany Pyropel Clamp used in vintage Plasma etcher, system spare parts from Verteq/Marteq Rinse dryer and Megasonics, BTI, SVG and various Furnace parts ..etc