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Henshan Road Bar Street

Hengshan Road is Shanghai's largest bar zone that attracts a large contingent of both locals and visitors alike. French parasol trees, street partitions of European style, reddish brown sidewalks and villas tracing their origins to the 1920’s are embers of Shanghai’s decadent past. After nightfall, the neon-lit, beer-soaked neighborhood makes you want to linger longer, granted. Sasha is an authentic British country pub; lapis lazuli oozes neo-classic Chinese charms; Shi Guang Dao Liu (a trip back in time) is a throwback to the 1930s; Xiao Hong Lou (little red mansion) which blends both the Chinese and western elements attracts patrons with its elegant décor and soothing atmosphere… Bars and pubs of Chinese and western styles are housed in old homes, each one of which has a story to tell. Sasha’s Restaurant & Bar, for example, is housed in the former residence of Jiang Kai-shek and his wife. Classic, modern, glitzy, chic – Hengshan Road is truly for the glitterati.