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China Semiconductor Industry Association-Mems Branch
522-No.20 Building, Nanopolis Suzhou, 99 Jinji Lake Avenue, Suzhou SIP, China
phone: 0512-69993044
fax: 0512-69993999
email: hemx@nanopolis.cn

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CSIA-MEMS Founded in October 2014, the CSIA-MEMS branch was created by the CSIA and includes over 150 enterprises, institutes and public organizations from MEMS industry.
The CSIA-MEMS branch will
-Help create and promote comprehensive MEMS industry supply chain
-Yangtze River Delta (Suzhou/Wuxi/ShangHai), Bohai Rim, Pearl River Delta, and other regions
-Accelerate the speed of transferring the industry talent, technologies, enterprises within the supply chain
-Integrate MEMS industry resources
-Foster the creation and growth of new Chinese MEMS companies
MEMSRIGHT is was founded in 2013 and is located in the China–Singapore Industrial Park, which is the premier location in Suzhou focusing on R&D and contract manufacturing of Micro-Nano electromechanical manufacturing (MEMS).
The company is a state owned through Nanopolis Suzhou. It is supported by the Science and Technology Major Project of Jiangsu Province, co-founded by SIP.
The facility itself was designed by CH2M. The initial toolset supports 150mm wafers and the facility plans to support both 150mm and 200mm production lines.
The 18,000 m2 facility is fully equipped for development and pilot production.
The clean room itself supports 1,850 m2 of Class 10 and 100 space with another 3,400 m2 of class 1000 and 10000 available for use by MEMSRIGHT or for rent by customers.